Giving Back

Committed to giving back around the world.

Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™ programs advance the well-being of animals, people and the planet, enabling us to realize our vision of food and companionship enriching life.

We work to empower our customers to address the global challenges brought on by the increasing importance of animals in our lives. That’s why, together with our customers, we are committed to raising awareness about global food security, to celebrating and supporting the human-animal bond, and to volunteering our time and resources in our local communities.

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Raising Awareness of Global Food Security

Access to milk, meat, fish and eggs can make a profound impact on human health and prevent nutrition-related diseases. We help ensure that nutritious food is accessible and affordable to all through food security and hunger-related initiatives, including teaming up with Heifer International and collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation® for the East Africa Growth Accelerator Project. By 2020, we aim to help break the cycle of hunger for 100 communities around the world through efforts designed to address specific needs, while empowering community members to advance the effort.

Supporting Vets and Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond

Pets play an important role in our lives. They bring us joy, teach us responsibility and serve as dedicated companions. Elanco’s solutions allow vets to help pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives. Elanco UK supports Dogs for Good , a charity that trains and provides service dogs to those in need. Together, we are enabling people in need to achieve greater independence, confidence and overall happiness.

Supporting Global Environmental Sustainability

Healthy animals use their resources more efficiently, and, in turn, have less impact on the environment. At Elanco, we’re focused on helping food animals realize their full potential to meet the growing need for more nutritious meat, milk, fish and eggs while conserving our natural resources.

Conserving water and reducing waste, energy use and emissions are among our programs to support a healthier planet

Giving Back Around the World Through Employee Service

Our purpose-driven culture is evident in our employees’ frequent gift of time to causes we support. In the past four years, Elanco employees have volunteered more than 85,000 hours to cause-related projects and disaster relief efforts. We have worked together on more than 639 global volunteer projects, with employees giving their time to Heifer International work in the Americas, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Our company commitment also helped expand animal therapy work in 11 countries through Pet Partners.

Each year, Elanco employees volunteer in our communities through the Global Day of Purpose. Thousands of employees join local partners to support a wide variety of community initiatives and raise funds to support our global signature non-profits. Whether caring for animals at local shelters, collecting food in our communities, or sharing our technical and professional expertise – we take pride in giving back. Employees are provided paid time off to serve their communities by supporting a cause that aligns to their personal interests.

Read our Corporate Responsibility Report to see personal stories and images our employees have shared as they volunteer their time around the globe.

Our annual hunger challenge also engages employees in a variety of ways to personally experience food insecurity as well as contribute their time to serving in organizations that address hunger. Finally, employees are provided with a half-day per quarter of paid time off to serve their communities in a cause that aligns to their personal interests.