One Health – Our commitments

We believe in the power of One Health for people, animals and the planet

The link between healthy people, healthy animals and a healthy environment is inextricable.

Our world is connected. Health is no exception. One Health is the universal truth that healthy people, healthy animals and a healthy planet interconnect. Our approach must consider the impact – and the power of all three – working in concert.

We Support Responsible Antibiotic Use

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant health challenge, and animal agriculture can play a role in the solution.

Antibiotics are a critically important tool farmers and vets use to ensure the health and welfare of animals, as well as the safety of our food supply. But they’re just one tool. Farmers and vets work closely together to design and implement comprehensive animal health programs that take into account quality diets, clean and comfortable housing, disease prevention and treatment as well as other factors. When antibiotics are used, they must be used responsibly and under strict veterinary guidance.

We are committed - Elanco’s Antibiotic Stewardship

  • Act with Responsibility Globally

    Elanco has worked with more than 10,000 producers, vets and food chain partners globally to help improve responsible use of antibiotics including:

    • Creating awareness of pending regulatory changes
    • Providing counsel on policy creation and the resulting practice changes
    • Offering analysis of supply chain implications from potential policy changes
    • Sharing research into consumer perceptions and how to address consumer questions about antibiotics
    • Delivering health monitoring and tracking data to producers to help them make more informed animal healthcare decisions to potentially reduce the need for antibiotic treatment

    Data and the counsel of the Elanco team has helped shape antibiotic policy to establish or enhance responsible use of antibiotics for dozens of protein value chain partners across the globe, as well as helping to ensure the products and tools regulators prefer are used in the food system

  • Support Veterinary Oversight

    Elanco has convened industry leaders at a One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Summit to identify actions to build veterinary training and capacity where gaps exist globally. The goals of this effort are to:

    • Identify a self-sustainable model for providing veterinary services in a way that meets the needs of varying sizes and levels of operations plus assuring appropriate antibiotic use
    • Create recommendations that elevate global veterinary standards through curriculum and certification
    • Identify gaps in global animal healthcare including pharmacovigilance, and discuss pathways to expand veterinary and para-veterinary capacity and responsibility to meet those needs
  • Create Alternatives

    Elanco commits to invest two-thirds of our food animal research budget to quickly evaluate 25 candidates and deliver 10 viable non-antibiotic development projects that address diseases where there are few, or no, alternatives to antibiotics medically important for both humans and animals (shared-class antibiotics).

  • Building Nutritional Health Capability

    Elanco is reinforcing its nutritional health business to protect and improve animal health using the latest science to improve gastrointestinal health and the microbiome. This effort focus on livestock disease prevention using non-medicated feed additives, such as enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, to reduce the use of conventional antibiotics.

  • Other commitments

    • Opening of the Elanco Vaccines Innovation Center in Greenfield, U.S.A. in June of 2016. This state-of-the-art laboratory has space for up to 100 scientists, and near-term projects include vaccines for Salmonella and Bovine Respiratory Disease
    • Partnership with EnBiotix to explore application of engineered phage technology for bacterial infections as an alternative to traditional antibiotics and with Kansas State University to explore discovery and development of a liver abscess vaccine
    • Creation of the Elanco Alternatives to Animal Antibiotics Grand Challenge awarding more than $2 million to support identification of new and novel ways to treat liver abscesses in cattle, necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis in poultry and Lawsonia intracellularis and Streptococcus suis in pigs without antibiotics
Please visit for more information about the company’s ongoing commitment to One Health, antibiotic stewardship and alternatives to antibiotic use. Follow and join the conversation via #OneHealth4All
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