Blowfly - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Sheep

Lice - Sheep icon

Lice - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Cattle

Liver Fluke Cattle

Liver Fluke - Cattle

Ticks - Sheep

Worms - sheep

Worms - Sheep

Liver Fluke Sheep

Liver Fluke - Sheep

Mange - Cattle

Lice - Cattle icon

Lice - Cattle

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Scab - Sheep

Nuisance Flies - Cattle

Worms Cattle icon

Worms - Cattle

Coccidiosis - Cattle

Coccidiosis is caused by a parasite that multiplies in the intestinal wall. As it progresses through its life cycle this parasite reproduces in the cells that line the intestine, leading to widespread intestinal wall damage. This damage can severely affect the health of young animals such as lambs and calves, causing poor growth rates and leaving them susceptible to other diseases. Coccidiosis is a serious disease – one that can result in significant economic losses.

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