Blowfly - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Sheep

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Lice - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Cattle

Liver Fluke Cattle

Liver Fluke - Cattle

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Worms - Sheep

Liver Fluke Sheep

Liver Fluke - Sheep

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Lice - Cattle

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Worms - Cattle

Liver Fluke - Cattle

Liver fluke has spread over the last decade and is now found across the country. This is due to:

  • Greater movement of infected animals

  • Inadequate (or sub-optimal) quarantine treatments

  • Changing weather patterns – increased rainfall and milder winters

    The objective of liver fluke control is to reduce the risk of infection to a level that does not impact on animal welfare or affect the efficiency or economics of production. Liver fluke has three stages in the animal early immature, immature and adult all of which cause liver damage.

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