Blowfly - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Sheep

Lice - Sheep icon

Lice - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Cattle

Liver Fluke Cattle

Liver Fluke - Cattle

Ticks - Sheep

Worms - sheep

Worms - Sheep

Liver Fluke Sheep

Liver Fluke - Sheep

Mange - Cattle

Lice - Cattle icon

Lice - Cattle

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Scab - Sheep

Nuisance Flies - Cattle

Worms Cattle icon

Worms - Cattle

Liver Fluke - Sheep

Liver fluke is known to cause severe clinical disease and death, costing the sheep industry alone millions of pounds every year. Now spreading to new regions liver fluke can increasingly be found throughout the UK, largely due to the impact of climate change.

Due to the lengthening of seasons, and the impact of warm, wet weather on the liver fluke lifecycle, the liver fluke challenge can now be higher for a longer period with the risk of high fluke burdens in both sheep and cattle extending throughout the year if not treated effectively.

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