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Lice - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Cattle

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Liver Fluke - Cattle

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Worms - Sheep

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Liver Fluke - Sheep

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Lice - Cattle

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Worms - Cattle

Nuisance Flies - Cattle

Flies can cause irritation, stress and seriously affect cattle productivity. The main months for fly problems are May-August, but due to changing weather patterns the season can change. The most common species that affect cattle productivity are:

  • Non biting flies – house flies and face flies – these flies do not bite, but they breed easily in manure, quickly forming large numbers which can cause great irritation and transmit diseases. Animals that are distracted by flies will graze less and hence not perform as well.

  • Biting flies – horse flies and stable flies – these flies deliver extremely painful bites, with both males and females feeding on blood.

  • Horn Flies are blood sucking flies and are extremely irritating and can cause production losses.

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