Blowfly - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Sheep

Lice - Sheep icon

Lice - Sheep

Coccidiosis - Cattle

Liver Fluke Cattle

Liver Fluke - Cattle

Ticks - Sheep

Worms - sheep

Worms - Sheep

Liver Fluke Sheep

Liver Fluke - Sheep

Mange - Cattle

Lice - Cattle icon

Lice - Cattle

Sheep Scab Icon

Scab - Sheep

Nuisance Flies - Cattle

Worms Cattle icon

Worms - Cattle

Ticks - Sheep

Ticks can have significant effects on sheep welfare and production, and anecdotal reports suggest ticks are becoming more numerous and widespread throughout the UK.

Ticks favour dense, damp habitats, eg. rough grazing, heath or woodland.

Ticks are becoming more abundant due to changes in farming practice, climate change and acaricide resistance.

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