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Coccidiosis - Sheep

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Lice - Sheep

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Liver Fluke - Cattle

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Worms - Sheep

Liver Fluke Sheep

Liver Fluke - Sheep

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Lice - Cattle

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Worms - Cattle

Worms - Sheep

Worms present a significant production threat to sheep with infection and financial implications for farmers so the aim of any worm control strategy is to balance the exposure of susceptible animals to high levels of infestation on pasture against the overuse of anthelmintics.

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Nematodirus is a key disease which can affect young lambs in spring and summer, with cases now also reported in Autumn. In addition, changing climatic conditions have meant that disease caused by this parasite has been a real challenge for sheep over the last few years, so it’s essential to be aware of the threat and know how best to manage it.

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