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Nutritional Health (related to Food Induced Immune Response (FIIR))

β-Mannans: the problem component in soybean meal.
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Nutritional Health (related to Food Induced Immune Response (FIIR))

β-Mannans: the problem component in soybean meal.

β-Mannans (beta-galactomannans) are antinutritive fibers found in common feed ingredients, including soybean meal and other leguminous feeds.1-4 β-Mannans have a molecular pattern similar to some pathogens, which triggers a Feed-Induced Immune Response (FIIR) in poultry intestines.5-9 This unnecessary response consumes energy10,11 and other valuable nutrients. The overall effect is to reduce the efficiency of poultry diets containing β-Mannans.

In order to reduce the effect of β-mannans in poultry diets, a health enzyme can be incorporated into poultry feed. This enzyme breaks down the β-mannans, thus preventing FIIR from occurring. As a result, important energy in poultry diets is not lost and can be used to benefit poultry growth and development.

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