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Infectious Diseases

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Intestinal Integrity

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Nutritional Health (related to Food Induced Immune Response (FIIR))

β-Mannans: the problem component in soybean meal.
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Worms (helminths)


Information + Knowledge = Competitive Advantage

Elanco has many years of experience in delivering additional value to its customers through its comprehensive data analytics systems. These systems have allowed Elanco to build a wealth of experience and comparative historical data, which can be used to benchmark production systems. Elanco Knowledge Soultions (EKS); Elanco’s data analytics division, has developed the Health Tracker System (HTSi®).

HTSi® is a comprehensive tool for assessing the state of health of the intestinal, locomotor and respiratory systems in avian species. It is used to benchmark the performance of a flock during broiler production. This tool has been used for a number of years in many countries and the data from the system provides crucial guidance for top broiler producers around the world.

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  • allows the health of broilers to be tracked over time
  • evaluates a broad range of health conditions of broilers
  • analyses clinical significance of those conditions
  • describes control strategies
  • includes a training guide and reference database for poultry diseases associated with breeding
  • is backed by 20 years of Elanco global poultry experience and records

HTSi puts producers in control by:

  • identifying trends
  • giving early identifications of health problems
  • allowing early, targeted therapeutics
  • comparing performance
  • creating a sustainable competitive advantage